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the early years… it was in my twenties on my OE when I first picked up a film SLR camera, it belonged to my boyfriend.  It scared me, but at the same time excited the life out of me! Inspired by travel, people, and places I was eager to learn, the passion began. 

Returning to New Zealand, I completed a two year photography course, via correspondence this gave me the confidence I needed. I built a portfolio and my business grew, spending many years photographing weddings and portraits, in between becoming a homeowner, a wife and a mother of two! 

Later years ... feeling a little bewildered by the ever-changing technology, forced me to study photography again,  becoming a real student in a real classroom this time with many others half my age was scary and many times wondered if I was doing the right thing,  but I loved every day and my passion grew even more! In 2010 I gained my Diploma ( with Merit ) of Contemporary Photography at the Design and Art College Christchurch NZ. It was one of the most challenging and most inspirational things I have ever achieved… I felt very proud.   

JPhotographic is based from our home,  it has space, plenty of natural light and a rather large garden,  I am very grateful that I continue to do what I love, I hope one day soon,  I have the opportunity to create a photograph for you!

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Janine Ross-Johnstone

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. You can contact me by email or mobile 027 425 2023 or 03-352 6353 and we can discuss your photographic requirements.

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